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Panoridim recruits new members in September of every year. Space is limited to the pans available. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for notices on New Members' Day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are the requirements for joining the band?

    A. Rhythm. Dedication. Commitment. Love for music. No prior music knowledge required.

  • Q. Can I only join in September?

    A. No. Though main recruitment is in September, you can join at other times of the year ONLY if there is space on a pan section and the Section Leader is willing to take a new person at that time.

  • Q. Can I join even if the band is full?

    A. Maybe. If you have prior steelpan experience you may be able to join at the discretion of a Section Leader. Others can join our waiting list and may be contacted if space becomes available.

  • Q. Do members pay dues?

    A. No. The band covers its costs through playing engagements, and all members are required to participate once they become ready.

  • Q. Do members receive payment for performances?

    A. No. As a non-profit society of UWI Mona, members will not be paid for their contribution in the band. Members receive incentives for commitment through organized band activities paid by the band.

  • Q. Can student members receive UWI course credit for playing with the band?

    A. Yes. Second or Third year student members can apply for the co-curricular credit course in steelpan in their second semester after a year of being in the band.

  • Q. Do members learn to read music?

    A. Yes. As most of our pieces are arranged using music scores, members will develop the skill as they play with the band.

  • Q. Are music scores used in performance?

    A. No. Though the band may learn music from scores, almost all music is committed to memory for performances. There are a few exceptions.

  • Q. How many times a week must members attend rehearsals?

    A. Minimum 2-3 times per week. The frequency of rehearsals increases close to major performances.

  • Q. Are new/junior members allowed to perform at major events?

    A. Yes. All players are encouraged to participate in all major events, if not on the pans (due to space or skill level), then on the Engine (rhythm section).