June 2011

Updates to Simply PAN

Fellow pannists, friends and fans, Simply PAN has expanded its venue coverage. Note that this Saturday, July 2, the season opener will be held at the Edna Manley Auditorium (Music School) at 8pm, and not at Boone Hall as was previously communicated. There will instead be one show at Boone Hall on Sunday, July 3, at 3pm. See the event page for all other updates to the season.


Simply PAN takes you to nature

Summer is here again and with it the Panfest season. This year Panoridim takes the fun outdoors!

Come immerse yourself in the unique, intimate, and tranquil slice of paradise, paired with the sweet sounds of pan at Boone Hall Oasis on Saturday July 2 & Sunday July 3. Experience the Passion, see the Art, and bask in the Nature of the true Oasis in the hills. Let the music and the lush surroundings give your body that well deserved treat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The simplicity of pan awaits you.