Panfest 2013 Committee

The Panfest Committee has their hands full planning our concert season. The committee comprises playing members of the band, and this has always been the case. These members are learning and drilling music along with the rest, as well as producing the show. Oh, and of course, juggling school work and/or paid jobs. But planning our own concert seasons is part of the Panoridim tradition, and the members are up for the challenge. The ideas are sometimes radical, and execution sometimes difficult, but we can't wait to see the final product in April. Let the magic that is music come alive. Plan away guys!

Band Camp

We had our first band camp for Panfest 2013 on Saturday, Feb 2. It was a full day of pan music from 9am to 9pm. Our arrangers came in and worked with the band on their pieces in 2-hour stints. I have to report that it was indeed a good day, with focused and dedicated learning. The band covered much of the Panfest repertoire. Band camps are taxing and we have scheduled only 2 for the rehearsals leading up to Panfest. The next one is scheduled for the first weekend in March.

Quest to the Peak

Recently, a band of members made a hike up to the peak of Blue Mountain. The trip was a long anticipated lyme and bonding experience for many of the members, and was the brainchild of David Aarons, who leaves shortly to continue to studies in steelpan overseas. Though the hike to the peak was treacherous, strenuous and very difficult, the majority of the members made it. The struggle to the top can be likened to many things in life, and the teamwork it took to get them there could tell many stories about the camaraderie of band members, but we'll leave that to them. For now we salute those who went for their bravery and let them savour in the sweetness of a weekend worth spent to see a once-in-a-lifetime view.