The Art of Steel: Routes

Come celebrate Jamaica's rich cultural legacy through a unique blend of steelpan and movement. Join Gay Magnus, the UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra, ASHE Performing Arts Company, Naala Nesbeth, Kerisha Brown and dance choreographer Michael Holgate as they explore the Jamaican experience from colonization to fifty years of independence.

TWO SHOWS ONLY!! July 7 & July 8 at 8 p.m. each night. See attached flyer.

Echoes of Blue

Allison Morris, past prime member of UWI Panoridim and the composer of our original song 'Steelpan Alley' took her love of steelpan to St. Elizabeth and in 1996, formed the Genesis Steel Band there. But steelpan can rarely be contained in one band.

Now Hampton, where Allison teaches, has an all-girls steelband, 'Blueprint' and they're coming to Kingston!

On June 30 and July 1, The Hamptom music department represented by the excellent Hamptom Choir, Blueprint and pianists will be performing an encore presentation of 'Echoes of Blue' at the School of Music, Edna Manley College. The performance was a hit in their home town of St. Elizabeth, and Kingstonians just had to get a taste!

Shows are 3pm each day and priced at $1000. A gala performance will be held on Saturday, June 30 at 7pm for $1200.

Don't miss it.


Everyone knows steelpan music is associated with soca, and though UWI Panoridim has a wide range of genres, we really do love to play our own mix of hit soca tunes. At a recent event where the band was jamming hard for an exclusive crowd, a band member made the observation that Palance is the ultimate soca song for steelbands. Why? Well the song itself has the right mix of everything you want in a soca song: a hype beat, a catchy tune, and the requisite instruction of a dance move that soca songs are known for. But Palance is unique in that an entire steelband can actually execute the dance while playing, a fact which Panoridim has proved over and over again.

Who knows when a song like that will come again in the near future. So for now, make sure to catch us 'palancing when we on di road'!