Panoridim & Hamilton Give Love

As carols on steelpan have become a tradition for UWI Panoridim, the orchestra opens their music once again to the songs of the season on December 20 and 21 at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. This year, the band has chosen a theme of love, and is accompanied by guest artiste Kamla Hamilton for one solid hour of musical treat.

Tickets for GIVE LOVE, only $1000 each, are now available at the Philip Sherlock Centre as well as the Panoridim Panyard at the UWI Student's Union once practice is in session.

Sorrel and fruit cake; big family dinner; presents for the kids on Christmas morning; an early morning worship; music... whatever is YOUR love, give it this Christmas.

Pans sang in Kingston

Jamaica Observer | 9 Nov 2011

The congregation attending the Pan Extravaganza at the Kingston Parish Church on Sunday was treated to a holistic musical feast that covered the spectrum from classical through religious, ballads, reggae and soca music, satisfying every taste.

The two-hour presentation featured steel orchestras of Musical Apostles, Stella Maris and Bethel Steel ensemble who delighted the highly appreciative audience with quite an entertaining repertoire of rich musical offerings.

Songs of praise such as Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and Shine Jesus Shine performed by the Musical Apostles. How Great Thou Art featuring Vincentian soloist Reajhaun Baptiste and Here I Am to Worship was presented by Bethel Baptist. The Stella Maris ensemble delivered What A friend we have in Jesus, Wings of A Dove as well as a folk medley including the popular Evening Time provided the first half with impeccable musical renditions.

Following the intermission, patrons were taken down memory lane with timeless melodies by the steel orchestras. Many persons swayed and sang along with The Apostles as they played a series of popular vintage numbers including the Perez Prado-composed jazz standard Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White which, for this occasion, was arranged by Dwight McBean the Papa San's composition Hail Him Up with arrangement by Allison McCoy-Johnson, and Michael Jackson's Bad which were delivered in an amazing fashion.

Not to be left out was the Stella Maris group's take on Save the Last Dance, In the Mood, to which Glen Miller would nod approvingly, so too Lord Kitchener for Anthony Williams's arrangement of his hit Mama Dis Is Mass. The finale featuring all the bands on the Noel Dexter's arrangement of Psalm 150, which brought the curtain down on an evening of quality music.

— Basil Walters

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MD Gay Magnus

Gay Magnus, the head of Panoridim's 3-member music director team, joined UWI Panoridim in 1989 while pursuing a bachelor's degree in Botany. Since graduating, she has maintained active membership with the Orchestra, holding several positions including Captain, Music Arranger and Music Director. She holds a bachelor's degree in Musical Arts with first class honours from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, and a Master's degree in Music from Northern Illinois University in the United States.

Gay has been an inspiration in the development of steelpan in the island: coordinating the music elective programme and directing the steelband at the University of Technology, directing the steelpan section of the Jamaica Symphony Orchestra, and directing other church and school bands including Stella Maris and Musical Apostles. Gay has held workshops on arranging steelpan at various levels and has published two books on the fundamentals of playing the instrument. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study Orchestral Percussion in New York in 2010 and has added this to her list of musical skills. Gay is also the administrator for the Steel Pan Information site, your one-stop location on the internet for information on all things steelpan.

Visit Gay's home base at the UWI Panoridim panyard to see her in action.